In addition to the SWOT analysis of major suppliers, the report also contains a comprehensive market and supplier profile. This research was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information, including input from major industry players.

"The use of solar power to generate electricity is a mature technology. Enameled copper wire plays an important role in the conduction between solar panel cells. It separates solar cells and conducts the current collected by the cells to the solar inverter. The converter converts direct current into alternating current. The size or width of the copper wire determines the maximum current that can be safely conducted. Therefore, the growing solar market will expand the market demand for magnet wire and bare copper wire. The installed photovoltaic capacity is increasing year by year. Vendors offer great potential to meet the growing demand for copper wires used in solar panels."

According to the report, the electrical and power equipment departments need to use enameled wires and bare copper wires in power stations to connect the generator to the step-up transformer and the transformer to the motor. Enameled wires and bare copper wires are consumed in overhead transmission lines and grounding wire transmission, power generation and distribution equipment.

In addition, the report pointed out that although the electrical conductivity of copper is much better than that of aluminum, there is always a potential threat that aluminum may replace copper, thereby affecting the growth of the EMEA enameled wire and bare copper wire market. Aluminum is cheap, and the price does not fluctuate as much as copper. In the recent past, since the price of copper is higher than that of aluminum, there is a threat of substitution. However, the properties of copper negate any short-term benefits that aluminum may bring.

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