I am a frontend developer working in an MNC. In this article, I am writing on why you should Start Learning Python, and what are the benefits of learning python language over any other language?

When do we start investing our time in any important thing that can take several months to learn then some of us (in my opinion) may have questions like is it worth investing time in learning a new skill? how is the job market and what type of products can I build using the technology that I am going to learn? 
But don't worry in this post I will guide you on the advantages that python has over any other language and because of these reasons it is getting more popular. fusemail.com login
So, Let's get started.
What is Python?
Python is high-level programming, open-source, and development language used for general-purpose programming and it has frameworks such as Django, flask, kivy, etc. It’s a server-side language and therefore it is responsible for the inputs, databases, classes, backend working, other servers, and so on.
By the way, python is 30 years old, it was released in 1991 but everyone is still talking about Python because it is an open-source, large community, libraries, etc.
Python has positioned itself as the top programming language by programmers as their go-to decision for a wide range of venture types. 
Python advancement and Python engineers are more sought after in 2020 than at any other time in recent times as the language's utilization cases keep on extending on account of quickly propelling innovations. This implies every single programmer needs to get familiar with the language on the off chance that they need to stay aware of the tech world.