Programming is slowly becoming one of the most useful skills in the 21st century. As we move towards the age of automation, where programming help maintain the crucial operations across various industries, it is important to know some level of programming to stay relevant. If you are willing to learn to program, here are 5 most in-demand programming languages that you should consider learning in 2020-21.

  • Python Programming:

Python is one of the most rapidly growing programming languages in today’s date. It has a large programming community group and support forums where you can learn “How to do my programming," help others about the programming language and do a lot more. Python programming allows you to do a lot of things. From artificial intelligence and networking to Big Data and machine learning – all these technologies rely on Python.

  • Java Programming:

Over the years, Java programming language has gone through a lot of change in terms of style, frameworks, forms in code writing, and more. In fact, it is one of the oldest and the most popular programming languages that are currently in practice. Java programming is widely used in developing android apps, e-commerce, electronic trading systems, games, scientific applications. It also has a huge community where you can find Java programming help in Singapore.

  • JavaScript:

JavaScript happens to be a client-side programming language. Nod.js developers are also able to use JavaScript as a server-side programming language. This language is mostly used in web development. Almost every browser has support for JavaScript programming language. If you want to learn JavaScript, there are a lot of programming courses available in the academic field. You can even find programming study help Singapore from the internet on this language.

  • C/C++ Programming:

Most computer science students are familiar with the C/C++ programming language. In fact, it is considered the minimum skill for any programmer to know how to program in C/C++ to get hired in the professional field. C is the foundation and support for the growth of other programming languages.

  • PHP Programming:

Small to large web development companies – everyone uses PHP programming language today. The most popular social media platform, Facebook, also uses PHP. As web development is on the rise, the easy-to-understand programming language is turning into a popular skill to have among programmers. Apart from its use in open-source contribution, it is also in demand with CMS development.

If you want a career in programming, you should start learning these most in-demand programming languages and have a successful future.