Now the NBA schedule has come to the finals. The two teams in the Finals are the Miami Heat in the East and the Los Angeles Lakers in the West. Before the game started, almost all fans thought the Lakers would win the championship trophy with no suspense, but now it seems all this seems to be suspense again. To comply with the development of the game, NBA 2K21 launched the finals package for players to buy and play. Players can use their existing NBA 2K21 MT to choose the right player.

In the G5 that just ended this morning, Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat tried his best to win today’s game and he only rested for 47 seconds. Now the series score came to 2:3. Although there are still most fans who speculate that the Lakers will ultimately still be the winner of the championship, there are more and more players hoping that the Heat can perform miracles. The latest promotional package in 2K includes Moses Malone, Magic Johnson, and King LeBron James.

With the new NBA 2K21 finals package, MyTeam gamers will play in one of 12 different players. The best card is former Philadelphia 76ers champion Moses Malone, who won the championship with Philadelphia in the 1982-83 season. This is a brand new 95 pink diamond launched by Malone. Players can randomly extract from these packages. In particular, it is worth mentioning that Malone’s rebounding score is 97 points, of which 86 points are infield, 84 points are outfield, and 82 points are athletic ability. A total of 21 badges, including 11 gold medals and 6 HOF, are also on this player item.

Players who want these players but suffer from insufficient MT reserves can Buy NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS before getting them. Every competitive player will do his best to win the game.