Prevent yourself from COVID-19 utilizing proper Sanitizing and Cleaning Techniques

The novel CORONAVIRUS is a pandemic, and WHO has announced it as an emergency. As there is still no cure for this virus, we must take precautions, especially.

Advanced home sanitization and disinfection service methods can go a long way in improving immunity and saving ourselves from viruses and infections. Sanitizing your hands at periodic interludes with an alcohol-based sanitizer, not touching public places, or disinfecting it before use are some techniques to stay safe. It is also fairly important that you follow proper disinfection systems at home to not a welcome illness.

Knowing the difference in Cleaning, Sanitization, and Sterilization

Cleaning is done to remove all the dirt, soil, and the chemical excesses that are simply visible. It also supports extracting the diseases from utensils and other equipment.

Sanitizing helps to decrease the microorganism level on the item to a safer level. Sanitization should be performed after cleaning. If the area is not clean, then sanitization will not help.

Sterilization and Sanitization are often involved, but they are not the same. Sanitization reduces the microorganism level to a safe level, and sterilization simply eliminates microorganisms from the substance. Sterilization is something that is done just in hospitals and not commonly practiced at home.

The best method to stay sanitized and prevent yourself and your family from COVID-19

Always washing hands is the first round that you can take to prevent yourself from coronavirus. However, the virus could calm cling to the other surfaces. This makes it compulsory to sanitize anything that you touch. Make sure that you sanitize the huge traffic areas in your home. Also, give specific attention to clean the doorknobs and the countertops. Deep cleaning is necessary to prevent yourself and your family from illnesses.

All the exteriors in your home require to be disinfected. These are those areas that are touched many times throughout the day. The quantity of germs on your remote control or the doorknob is something that you can never think. You may require to use disinfected wipes to do the needful, or you could also hire a trained company that will do the full cleaning and sanitization for you. Once you get an expert treatment, you can understand the basic hygiene to ensure that your house stays safe.

Using a disinfectant spray

It isn't easy to move places in your home where you may not be capable of wipe and clean with ease. Make use of the disinfectant sprays that will remove germs in those areas too. If you are unsure about the correct way to do it, worry not as expert services will do the needful.

What should be cleaned and sanitized

It would help if you tried to sanitize everything possible at home. Cleaning and sanitization will go a great method to ensure that your home stays safe from viruses. Cleaning and sanitizing do not let the home insects infect. It also does not cause food poisoning or any other infections that take care of your immunity.

Why should you hire a professional to sanitize and clean your home?

You may also need to do the home cleaning and sanitization yourself; it is suggested that you hire a professional to clean your home and keep dirt and allergens away. The experts will sanitize special areas in your house to make sure that the bacteria do not get any chance to grow and you have a fresh and germ-free home.

Disinfectant or Sanitizing Procedure

1) The purpose of the disinfectant or sanitizing procedure is most important in the pharmaceutical industry. Along with the good service, it has to be performed sure that no side effects transpire due to the method.

2) We take sufficient care to secure both. The disinfectant or sanitation service is necessary since the virus and bacteria increased many diseases. The many flu and disease cases the world observed in recent decades have been attributed to viruses.

3) The pharmaceutical industry particularly requires to avail of this service—a lot of cases with weak immunity avail medical services every day. Usual disinfectant or sanitizing treatment is needed in these places.

4) We produce formaldehyde fumigation to our customers of Delhi and Noida. Formaldehyde has been proved to be the best answer to diseases.

5) We utilize the content in just about the excellent proportion, to not create any side effects after the process. An ultra-low fogger machine is applied for the fumigation method.

Sanitization service is to defend against bacteria, fungi, and coronavirus. Sanitization service involves the method of decreasing microbes to safe levels, ie. 99.99 % of micro-organism population. There is a different chemical applied to kill microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Chemicals are -Hydrogen Peroxide (10%), Sodium Hypochlorite (1:1000 dilution), Glutaraldehyde (upto 3.4% Solution),  Chlorine Dioxide, Potassium mono per Sulphate, etc. Diluted disinfectant solution should be sprayed on a surface area like Door Knobs, Handles, Hand Railings, Biometrics, Tables, Chairs, Walls, Conference Room, Corridors staircase. They are spraying to be prepared with a ULV sprayer, preferably. They were misting to be done in the entire space to kill the microbes in the air.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Remove and wash infected clothing and footwear before re-use. Avoid breathing vapors or spray mists. Do not allow disinfection solution to get inside of electrical appliances. Pay attention to adequate ventilation when applying the product. In badly ventilated rooms, respiratory protection has to be wasted.

Precult offers sanitization and disinfection service for public spaces on a nationwide scale to slow virus spread. Accepting our technology platform and independent contractor network in over 12,000 cities, Precult cleans and sanitizes available rooms and surfaces such as benches, bicycle racks, home, commercial spaces, entryways to public and private spaces, public transportation areas, payment kiosks, ATMs, and any surface that multiple people touch regularly.

Our screened and protected PrecultIndia contractors can be performed in any city and state safely, using social distancing and no-contact guidelines.