Keto Advanced folks and 't go ess yourself through selfies whether you're fat skinny sexy whatever you identify your body go ahead if that's what makes you feel good there are so young i hope what we shared to you tonight you know gave you some insights on how to go about your diet or weight loss journey again if you want to start if you haven't started yet consult the experts your dietitian your doctors if you can go through the to belong to any group it's not to be accepted by the society it's not to wear sexy clothes you know nto e philosophy the guy is a uh very very uh brilliant when it comes to uh weight loss i would like to conclude with the golden pyramid of fat loss the most important thing here is a calorie deficit this is completely non-negotiable you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat i'm not about weight loss just fat loss your nother little graphic here non-negotiable is a calorie deficit highly advisable there's all this stuff 

Keto Advanced here making your plan as easy to stick to as possible make it so you can adhere to it consuming adequate protein resistance training keeping an active lifestyle this says stuff uh most people don't need to worry mportant graphic is weight loss uh and fat loss are two different things fat loss will be this green line that's slowly going down over time weight loss kind of fluctuates because when they have more water less water more glycogen in your muscles less hormones things like that food in your stomach food not in your stomach whether you had a bowel movement or not makes a huge difference and then it says fat loss happens slowly over weeks and months or longer so chill focus on the fat loss not the weight loss this is just a funny cartoon that i always like to show survey reports high obesity rate in young people and baby boomers and this is from such a long time ago but it's still applicable they grow up so fast don't they the mom says that and then the dad says sure do they become more like us every day and these are um obese children looking more and more like their obese parents i like to tell people that there's your obesity is not really genetic and people with short stature syndrome or like dwarfism