If players have now become fans of My Team, then they should consciously accumulate NBA 2K21 MT. There are some tricks to make them become rich men with a lot of 2K MT as soon as possible.

The 3v3 online mode allows you to get a lot of 2K21 MT, and players can also get some other cool prizes to keep up with the bonus. They can get at least 250 MT after completing each game. They must successfully win the game to get so many rewards. If everything goes well, they will accumulate a considerable amount of 2K MT in just a few hours.

Players who want to adopt the Evolution method can first try with John Wall or Alonzo Mourning. They need to upgrade the player card at the beginning to take it to a higher level. After careful improvement, their value has exceeded the original value so players will get more profits. The only disadvantage is that it may consume players’ time and energy. But this method is undoubtedly very reliable.

Players who love the game can get rich MT rewards by participating in various challenges. There are three types: Moments Challenges, Kobe Spotlight Challenge, and Spotlight Challenges. The reward types provided by each type are different. Players need to experience it personally before choosing the most suitable challenge for their long-term struggle based on their own strength level and time and energy.

Players should not expect to collect a lot of player cards so they can be sold to others for NBA 2K21 MT when they need them. They might as well sell these useless player cards in bulk to enhance their lineup and get a considerable amount of MT. If players lack MT, they can go to GameMS to Buy MT. Looking forward to the wonderful performance of the players.