Each version of the POE league will provide players with different rewards. It mainly depends on the players’ personal abilities. In the POE Heist league, players also need to spend a lot of energy and effort to complete the entire robbery mission to develop a detailed action plan and finally put it into action. Players can expect to find new basic types of items, enchanted weapons and armors, and gems with different quality rewards. Rare items dropped in the robbery will also use a new system, which will scroll the items multiple times before falling to choose the best result. They also obtain a sizeable amount of POE Currency to maintain follow-up activities and so on.

In fact, players can change the rewards of looters due to a new type of item called trinkets. Trinkets are damaged items, similar to amulets with their own dedicated device slots. After being well equipped, they will favor the loot looted by the looters, such as converting the percentage of the dropped Regal Balls into Exalted Orbs.

For players’ robbery, choosing the right thieves is very important. Some thieves can easily open the door of the secret room, and some can be good scouts. In a specific robbery conflict, some experienced old thieves will deal with more complex situations. Players can also use new items to upgrade Rogues in the Great Harbor. Looters can grant players new items that can equip on members of the robber team. These can range from lowering their hiring costs to granting players extra damage during the robbery.

Grand Heists are not the same as the robberies that players usually see. It requires careful planning and a lot of information instead of a random selection of a goal. As long as players can successfully complete these tasks, they will bring them rich POE Orbs and POE Items and other unique rewards. Those who have just become POE players can Buy POE Currency to make some preparations before entering the new league, which will be more secure.