Slimymed harry and i basically slept until 11 because i finally calmed down it was like doing a pre-op colonoscopy kit that's like insane i could go in today and have a colonoscopy and i'd be squeaky clean yeah let's just put it that way tmi tmi anyway you guys so i called in sick today so um i'm gonna keep it short and sweet sure because i've been talking already for 10 minutes anyway you guys everything you eat everything you drink all the medicine you take the day before can have a direct effect on your weight gain loss or or stall and i'm concerned because did i lose weight yes but i also pushed everything out of my stomach and intestinal tract so tomorrow i may hold water weight we'll see but let me share what we ate yesterday that has a direct effect on a normal person that's not having issues like i did wait so we are still on an elimination diet we fasted for 20 hours i broke my fast with two fried eggs and one tablespoon of beef tallow