Lie to her repeatedly make sure she dosnt catch you

Keep the drugs of a mad person

Keep chains

Giver you atm cards

Make her signatory to your account

Let her tell you what to do and what not to do

Let her tell you when to breathe

Dont call her phone again if she dosnt pick the first time

Call her phone 50 times if she dosnt pick the first time🤪

If she call answer the call before the phone rings

If she forgot to minitor you with phone calls Cheat on her immediately because she is cheating some where.

Lie about big big futures to her.

She never does anything right so forget about correcting her. Just tell her all she does is right

When you are fed up just get rid of her and get married to the one that you will kill or she kills you and get happy and satisfied and go to take over your properties only to see you dint will it to her

Dont forget to not will your properties to her because you will die faster.

This information is for oldtimers not everybody (edon tay no be today!)