Meticore interrelated isn't it um also weight loss because lack of sleep if you're absolutely exhausted if you're going through menopause if you've got uh hot sweats like crazy if your hormones are completely out of whack and your gut health is also out of whack then it's going to be very very difficult to maintain a healthy weight um and so really if you don't know me hello but my um i'm just going to see if it's come up actually on my page so i can hopefully see uh questions when they come um if not my lovely uh catherine might be able to send me some questions oh wait a minute i am seeing them how do you grant stringyard permission to do comments i am not sure maureen to be fairly honest with you because i'm not the user i should probably know but hopefully you can put some comments in and don't worry because i'm getting some of your comments here so that is absolutely fantastic i'll just turn that sound down right there lily's on lia's on amazon jill's on yay uh denise yes we're live on youtube too to raise uh okay um so all