The POE Heist League will appear in front of players in nine days. Players are both excited about the mysterious experience that the new league will bring to them, and worry about whether the characters and items they have worked hard in the past few months will disappear with the arrival of the new league. After all, they have used the Harvest mechanism to create a lot of practical items and harvested a lot of POE Currency and various rare materials. Players don't want to lose everything they have obtained after a long time.

Many players are now discussing this issue in the gaming community because it is very important to them and will even affect the next game journey. As we all know, each league of POE allows players to create a variety of new characters. Each new extension creates a new league, usually named after the corresponding extension.

The game team answered this question. They ensure that everything players get in the current Harvest League will transfer to the main league. It means that players will not lose the characters they have created and the items they have got because of the changes in the league version. But when they enter the new league, they still need to create a new role. Under normal circumstances, the league runs on a 13-week cycle, so the best time to start a new role in the challenge league is just at the beginning to take advantage of the expansion.

Those players who have great interest in the POE Heist league can first check the game guide for the new league written by the game team to see if it suits them. If there are still players who don’t know if they will lose their things, they can check the cross-play of POE and what micro-transaction methods exist in the game. When the new league comes, all players should Buy POE Currency and POE Items as soon as possible.