Meticore Reviews had a thing for tuna i love tuna that was my favorite sandwich growing up my sister had peanut try it again yep need some salt pepper and a stir there you go all done folks that's what i'm having let's get harry's over here how are these looking getting there should be done about the same you want some relish on yours kind of like a thousand island dressing nope no pickles no no i don't know what do you i want to weigh this yeah me too 473 so it's not bad so yeah one and a quarter ounce a little bit that's pretty good look at it isn't that delicious looking good oh my god that's mine and i'm not sharing something you guys and here's fingers crossed that harry doesn't gain weight because of the little teeny bit of cream cheese that's in his truffles okay everybody we'll see you tomorrow but right now gotta eat good