The environment in the game may be confusing for people who experience POE for the first time. Because the designated locations and players’ actions are different, each of them may teleport to different areas and find a way out. Players should not rush to find a cracking method but can find some monsters to kill to get POE Currency as a backup. After stocking up some supplies, they can use two methods to visit the places they have been in the game.

How do they quickly find out where you have been in the game? It’s very easy as long as players find the right path. The first thing you need to do is find a waypoint accessible in most areas, including cities. The fast travel navigation point is a light blue runic object on the ground. Players can navigate to any previously visited waypoint by clicking on it. Or they can travel the world of the game by clicking the Behavior tab at the top of the map that opens when they tap the navigation point.

Players can see their mission details at the bottom of the map so they can easily check the target location. Players can also use some codes to browse some areas, such as the Sacred Jungle and Menagerie in Harvest. They had better also learn some quick travel codes to facilitate their game journey. It’s also worth noting that enemies often drop portal scrolls, which display as small scrolls with blue ribbons in the player’s list. They just need to right-click on one of them to create a portal, and after entering the portal, they will immediately transmit to the main solution of the current behavior.

In addition, players can also apply this method to the upcoming POE Heist league. More exciting content is waiting for players to experience. For those POE beginners, it is better to Buy Chaos Orb and POE Items first and then really challenge this way to be safe.