Having issues while installing AOL desktop gold on Windows?


Why am I getting installation error on AOL desktop gold?

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This post will help you to fix installation errors on AOL with step by step instructions. 

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Learn to Install Desktop Gold on Windows OS

To set up AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 7, 8, or 10 -  check out below and get the steps to install Desktop software. Your system requirements to install AOL Desktop Gold program are also stated further!

AOL Desktop Gold Install Steps for Windows 7

Before you begin, make sure you have a secure 90 MB file of Desktop Gold installer on Computer or laptop. Once you have downloaded Desktop Gold installer on device - it's time to start with the following steps:

Find Desktop Gold Download File

Go to the folder, where you have downloaded the Desktop Gold file on your Computer or laptop. If you can see the file, make sure it is a pack of 90 MB.
And, before you start installing Desktop Gold Windows 7, scan the file; so, there is no malware, which gets installed along with Desktop program.

Match your System Requirements

Now, check and compare the Desktop Gold system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold Windows 7. If you miss out on any of the listed prerequisites, fulfill it first.

Launch Desktop Gold Gold Installer

Double-click on the installation file of AOL Desktop Gold program and tap on RUN to confirm the setup on Windows 7.

Download AOL Desktop Gold, in case the Gold software refuses to launch. Finish Desktop Gold software Install
You need to share Desktop Gold login credentials during the software install. As, this verifies your subscription.

Note: The process also allows you to import data from old Desktop Gold to new Desktop Gold software.

You will also get the congratulation message on screen after the installation of the Desktop Gold application completes with Windows 7.

For this above process, you need to tap on the Import button before clicking on RUN.

Open Desktop Gold Program

Launch Desktop Gold software on device and start accessing its features with correct login.

In case, you face login issue then read refer guide: AOL desktop gold login not working - What to do

Install Desktop Gold Software on Windows 8

If you are Windows 8 users, your steps to install Desktop Gold are quite easy. Just follow the instructions as said and start accessing Desktop Gold on Windows 8.

Open Desktop Gold Installer

Find the Desktop Gold installation file on your windows 8 and run a scanner to remove any malware present.

Check Desktop Gold System Specifications

See the list below and match your system specification with the AOL Desktop Gold requirements. If you pass the requirement step with distinction, it’s time to launch the Desktop Gold installer for setup on Windows 8.

Eliminate AOL desktop gold error code 100, if you stuck while installing

Run Desktop Gold Installer

Click on Desktop Gold Windows 8 installation file and run the setup program. You need to press the Import button in case; you want old Desktop data to new Desktop Gold software.

Complete Desktop Gold Installation

After the import process completes, tap on the Run button to begin Desktop Gold program installation on Windows 8.
You will be asked to share Desktop Gold email login credentials for verification purposes. Once Desktop Gold install completes, create an Desktop Gold shortcut icon on desktop.

Read guide if AOL desktop gold icon missing from Computer screen

Launch Desktop Gold Program

You can double-click on the Desktop Gold icon to open the software on Windows 8 screen.
Simply, type the Desktop Gold credentials to login Desktop Gold on Windows 8.
If in any case, you failed to get inside your Desktop Gold email, see how to recover the Desktop Gold account.

If you have fixed all the above loopholes in your Desktop Gold installer and Computer device, try to reinstall Desktop Gold software on the Computer.

Steps to Reinstall Desktop Gold

Uninstall Desktop Gold Software

Before trying hands-on installing the Desktop Gold program, you must check and ensure no image of the Desktop Gold program is present in the Control Panel.
And, for this - you must open the Control Panel from Start >>>>> go to Programs >>>>> View Installed Programs.

Continue to Remove Desktop Gold Software

If there’s any AOL Gold Desktop software file in the Installed programs window, select the option with Desktop Gold logo and tap on Uninstall button at the list top.
Press YES button in case you are last time asked to uninstall the Desktop Gold program files.

Reboot Computer

After the Desktop Program gets removed from the Computer, restart your device to remove any changed Settings compatible with the Desktop Gold application.

Download Desktop Gold Installer

If you have downloaded the Desktop gold installer long back, we suggest downloading the updated version from a reliable source.
The action will also help you get the Desktop Gold installation files that are not corrupt.

Re-launch Updated Desktop Gold Installer

Locate the Desktop Gold file that you just got on your device in the last step. Double-click on the Gold Desktop software and tap on RUN to allow the re-installation process to begin.

Complete Desktop Gold Reinstall

As Gold Desktop reinstall on your Computer, it will ask you to share your Desktop Gold email login credentials for verification purposes. Share the Desktop Gold details and allow the program to confirm your valid subscription.
Finally, wait for the Desktop Gold firmware to install on your device.

You will get a CONGRATULATION message on screen once the Desktop Gold install process completes.

Other AOL Desktop Gold Errors - You may Fix!

Some of the most common Desktop Gold problems that may occur before or post software installation are listed below. Refer AOL Desktop Gold troubleshooting for solution to other similar Desktop Gold problems. Need assistance, contact experts @ 888-616-4869.