Those who have already booked NBA 2K21 still have some questions about the upcoming game. They look forward to the 2K team being able to provide them with innovative mechanisms and players. On September 4th, three days later, players can enter the brand new 2K game and start competing. Different players like the different ways of playing 2K. They have prepared a lot of NBA 2K21 MT for this.

The cover star of this generation of 2K is the ace star Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, and the cover star of the next generation is Zion Williamson, who has just shined in the past few games. Players who pre-order it will receive many rewards after entering the game. The money they spent on pre-orders did not lose much because they also got some player cards and MT.

The progress of the NBA 2K game has always synchronized with the real-life NBA schedule in proper time. The NBA suspended the 2020 season in the first few months and has now restarted, which caused 2K to postpone their development work. Usually, the excitement surrounding the new 2K relegation is to play with new players from the new roster and players’ favorite NBA teams. But this has to wait until the end of the offseason, because 2K still has plans. With the game suspended during the NBA playoffs on Friday, they expect 2K to abandon important lineup updates after the free agent market and the NBA draft.

2K sticks to the original release date and focuses on the new right stick animation. What makes players unhappy is that the pricing of NBA 2K21 has increased, so they need to spend more money to buy 2K games. Not only that, they also need to Buy MT to reserve resources for their fierce battles. Now let us look forward to the official arrival of NBA 2K21.