If there's one thing the OP and classic gold wow I would agree however, is that Blizzard is about the internal workings of their business. It works for and against them; on one hand, it's easy to say"they wrongfully ban such-and-such", and such accusation have merit; when the ban is justified, why don't you tell us? On the other hand, we also have such-and-such term's for this. And there are plenty of reasons for disclosing the identity of the offender or not disclosing ban algorithms; the playerbase is a mob because it's.

The bots were coded auto accept pvp queues, the telling for which spawns at the same place a party invitation does and the difference can't be told by the bots. The summon from a warlock portal also looks in this spot, which is how WOW players can muster them. With that, the bots for pvp will also be typically coded too auto attack any enemies which strike themnearby party members to make the most of the honor benefit from battlegrounds. By exploiting this behavior, WOW players have the ability to get robots to spend hours killing civilian NPC's to ruin their honor. The cost of this is at least one participant also loses the identical amount of honor, but also for WOW players never invested in PvP, it's a simple trade.

This can be explained by me. Fundamentally, when you lineup for a battleground, there's a popup at the center of the display with an"input battleground" and"leave queue" alternative. The bot technology seems to be simplistic so they're programmed to click the area of the display. But inviting someone to a group will give you the same popup, with"accept" and"decrease". It apparently can't tell the difference. I agree it is a huge security flaw but a lot of bots have screwed this way, so silver lining I guess?

Perhaps to team up with different robots, or leech off quest growth and mob tags from people who (they assume) don't understand any better? Though, yeah, I am slightly suspicious that it also seemingly auto-accepted the rally (you're supposed to get a confirmation prompt), and somehow the individual who was running the bot also never realized their standing was getting tanked. AFAIK, the civilians from the Deeprun Tram do not have an abnormally short respawn, so cheap classic wow gold probably would have taken hours to rack up that many dishonorable kills.