These challenges are going to be the first way that players can earn new items, as against the old system, which required you to level-up. this alteration also will increase the amount of free items which will be earned in-game but will reduce how frequently you see current items.

Of course, items earned from challenges and drops are often traded in after the update, however, the things will not be separated into series, so you'll trade all items that have an equivalent rarity rating. Now, on to the challenges themselves. consistent with the Rocket League blog Rocket League Credits , each week—which will start every Wednesday—will have three challenges for you to finish . Season challenges will span, well, the whole season so you've got longer to finish those.

Rocket Pass Premium members will get double the amount of challenges, so if you actually want to extend your chances of getting cool items, you are going to require to check in for that. No news yet on what the event challenges will appear as if , but as we meet up with to the liberal to play update, Psyonix promises that we'll get more details Buy Rocket League Credits. If you haven't bought the sport before the liberal to play update, you'll need to complete "driver challenges" to earn the bottom cars and items from the paid version. New drivers also will need to reach a minimum of level 20 to earn access to the weekly challenges.

These changes to the item system for Rocket League are just what the doctor ordered to offer the sport some extra spice. Everyone likes a challenge, so giving us a system that not only encourages us to play the sport , but to urge better at it, while rewarding us along the way may be a pretty good way to urge us hooked. we do not realize you, but we are excited to urge started with these challenges. See you on the pitch.