Incendius at first seemed like the ideal server. The host became one of wow classic gold the servers from the time BWL launched. It had inherited the majority of the Stalagg and Skeram Alliance guilds that were looking for someplace that had a thriving player base and host economy. The faction equilibrium shifted now to be approximately 55/45 Alliance favored. Horde PvP guilds out of Stalagg and Skeram that wanted to test their mettle against the Alliance began transferring over and complete chaos ensued. We had several of the best world PvP engagements I have ever seen in almost 16 years of playing WOW Classic. It was complete pandemonium at world bosses and Blackrock Mountain. Nothing was more heroic than the past three weeks before free transfers opened up.

Heavy queue times began plaguing our host after the influx of Horde and Alliance guilds moving from many other servers that are dead. We've seen Horde and Alliance guilds in Thalnos, Skeram, Stalagg, and even Heartseeker (Alliance that didn't want to get stuck on a quasi PvE server). Our queue times nevertheless weren't quite as poor as other servers like Faerlina or even Whitemane. War was declared. Purging buffs in felwood, camping Darkmoon Faire, not letting priests head control to reset the Onyxia head fans, priests resurrecting and purging fans at Inns that folks simply hearthed to etc..

All became the new normal. This was a grand ole time. No machine had World PvP scene or a more active World Boss.. It was Warcraft on a completely different level. The Alliance however rallied together in an effort to stop themand totally defeated them at the week resulting in free transfers. Morale for the Horde was in a low.

This all occurred within 24 hours of transfers that were free and it did not stop. Many people didn't make the deadline.

To Incendius, exactly the identical thing that happened to Skeram and Stalagg had happened in a turn around. In choosing a balanced server, I had failed my guild. At first I wanted to attribute the WOW players for compelling things to this level of griefing and degeneration which induced so many people to feel helpless against the onslaught.

And there are things that we might have done that servers have done to prevent these kinds of situations. Such as setting up arrangements between Alliance and Horde and running into Blackrock Mountain. We could have colluded more to make sure our server would stay healthier and stand the test of time. But with imperfect information regarding Horde morale and the truth of this situation of what could occur and finally did happen: Just how were we supposed to cheap classic wow gold understand?