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In this blog, we will be enlightening major points on “why is my facebook ad not delivering”. Not only this, but we will be also catering you with the solutions for each one.

Here it is, just keep on reading!

  1. Your Ads have been Disapproved!

Solution :

The most common reasons and you need to fix them are: 

Text in your image exceeds larger than 20%

The ad implies improper language 

Content is not allowed on Facebook

  1. Your Ad is still in Review 

Solution :

Since edits force the methods to begin over again, do not edit your ads until the approved method is completed. 

  1. Spending Limit Reached

Solution ”:

For fixing this, go to billing and check your account spending limit on the right-hand side. With this, you can increase your account spending limit. 

  1. Billing Failed 


Facebook will notify you if your billing method fails. You will be asked to pay off the card or add a new one in a way to consistently spend money on ads. This whole will be in the billing section. 

  1. Throttled Ads


Involve multiple and different ad creatives in your ad set. This diminishes the chances of low click-through rate stopping all your ads. Probability is one of your ads will be effective and efficient.

If none are working out best then you most probably have an audience problem. You can also give a try to distinct audience and look if that improves.

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