I could see it being a corner more than anything, and mut coins madden 21 I doubt they'd give Deion or NTL to us here. Of those corners I listed, I'd place my money on Champ or Rod. Should they go with a different place, I want to see them proceed with Urlacher or Patrick Willis, however that I will not be surprised if that can be Shaziers card this year. I doubt they give a team captain two decades right to him, and I could see Level Master, unless they make him a Journey player. For Team Captains, I believe they'll go with pretty much any of the players I have recorded ahead, except for the backs or safeties. My dream situation for Captains is a list of Captains from each group, but I doubt they do that, so I'd like to see these guys. The Front Seven Captain is the only I have narrowed the least.

I wouldn't expect a Marshall level master because I think that in the past couple maddens they have done only retired players/players that would not naturally get an upgrade(shaz). Beast mode will retire so I am not sure he would be chosen by them, but he's come out of retirement. I wouldn't be shocked if it's an RB like earl Campbell, and also my figure that I've had for some time is Terrell Davis. I get what you are saying. Marshawn is on my dream list for MUT Master. I think he and Kam are both least likely this season to acquire a card. I'd love to see if they don't go Wide Receiver Earl get it.

I'm still not sure if he's I looked it up and ESPN said that he is in discussions with Seattle for a return but that was in May. He has come out of retirement. And while Kam would be amazing I'm not positive whether they'd give it to 2 safeties in a row so I'm hoping it's a corner. Yeah I really don't believe Kam would get it. I could see him becoming a captain should they have the rights. I'd like Journey Experts to be men like Eric or Shaz Berry that are on their trip back to the league. I could see it being a bad habit, but it could be very great if they did it right. Yeah those would all be players that are great they provide them cards. Shaz is going to be given a card one way or another which is good cause he is a monster (maybe gauntlet so he updates throughout the year) but Eric berry deserves a good card and kam will be great.

Attempting to make money off of a guy who nearly lost his capacity to walk is a terrible appearance, and they will give him great cards every year not just to show admiration for him but also because everyone loves his cards because he's always mad good. I believe that they would need so that's the reason I am thinking 24, a card that would get better during the year. I believe gauntlet could be a good choice. They'd only have to buy Madden 21 coins find. I think Shaz, Berry, Griffin, Luck (if they have rights), Connor would be a great choice for one of those gauntlets.