Launching any new business idea can be a daunting affair. It is exhausting mentally, physically and of course, financially. If you are headed on a similar road to ensure that your entrepreneurial dreams can be realized in the most efficient and effective manner, then you have probably considered venturing into the on demand industry with the bottled water delivery app.

Firstly, it is important to understand that the business of Water Bottle Delivery with the help of an app is a very successful idea right at the outset. Everyone needs potable water for their survival and not many have the access towards it.

This is where this kind of a business comes into picture. With more and more people understanding the true potential of this business, it is now easy to see why it has quickly become so popular.

Popularity brings about challenges

While it is a great thing for a business idea to turn so popular and it increases your odds of success, popularity is often flanked by its own set of challenges. Let us take a look at these challenges and how you can overcome them effectively.

Market Saturation

Just like any other business that becomes very popular very quickly, there are too many players vying to get a piece of the profit pie. This is why; you will notice that an obscenely large number of people will try to enter the business all at once. If there are so many entrepreneurs trying to make money from a single market place can often lead to a division of profits. Each business gets just a cut of the target audience and is thereby unable to maximize their own profitability.

An easy solution to this is to either enter the market right in the beginning so that you can pull in as many clients as possible right in the beginning before any of your competitors enter this space; or, to simply go for an aggregator model app.

The aggregator model app is simple and effective and can give you a piece of every business slice. This model basically relies on becoming a platform that connects the service providers to the customers. The app itself doesn’t become the primary source of bottled water delivery, but an intermediary host that allows customers to pick and place orders from the vendor of their choice.

In this case, no matter where the customer places their orders from, the app owner (i.e. you) will always get a commission each time the app is used to place an order. In case you don’t want to invest in a warehouse or water treatment facility, this might be a great fail safe option for your business.

Which app to purchase?

One of the biggest challenges with the on demand business space is that there are too many mobile app developers claiming that their app is the best one in the market. Now this can be a very dicey situation. Actually, ever since on demand apps gained so much popularity, hundreds if not thousands of mobile app developers started building their own versions of on demand apps. Things quickly escalated with the corona virus pandemic lockdown. As more and more people started losing their jobs and some developers got the option of working from home, creating their own little app seemed like a quick way to make some money.

However, it is of critical importance to understand that apps like the water bottle delivery app aren’t simple things. They are based on a complex structure of code that requires expertise in android development, iOS Development, PHP development, Quality assessment, Content writing, App Designing, Web designing, Data base analysis, Data base management, systems analysis and more. A single developer cannot practically develop a full fledged on demand water bottle delivery app that is seamless and easy to work with, unless, of course the developer is a genius prodigy. That is hard to come by. So, the best way to ensure that you have landed the right app for your business is to make sure that you pick an app developed by a reputed white label mobile app development company with a decent amount of experience in building and launching this kind of apps.

What is the one feature that you should never ignore in an on demand water bottle delivery app?

In times like these where the corona virus pandemic has claimed so many lives across the globe, people can’t stress enough on how important it is to ensure hygiene and social distancing. This is why, a very important feature to include in your app keeping in mind the present situation is the ‘Contactless Deliveries’ feature. This feature helps in ensuring that even while the delivery of water is made to the doorstep of the customer, they never actually have to get in any kind of contact with the delivery driver or the professional who comes to their homes to make the delivery of the bottled water.