Admit it or not, humans are lazy. We want things to be dressed up in a platter and served up to us. We do not enjoy working too hard to get things and that is probably why more and more on demand apps are becoming popular. On demand apps make it possible for us to sit back and relax and hire service providers from the convenience of our couches whenever we like. With no suspense with respect to how much it is going to cost or how long it is going to take, the apps like Gojek have truly redefined the way we may use our smart phones for our daily needs.

But of course, not everything is as clear as it would seem. There is a lot of speculation in the entrepreneurial communities with respect to why and how Gojek became so popular so soon, so much so that people are now investing in Gojek clone apps to start their own multi service app based business.

This is why, we put out our research and business analysis team to curate a bunch of important and logical reasons so as to why most people today believe that Gojek is the next big thing?

The biggest reason Opening multiple parallel channels of revenue generation

With a multi service provider app like Gojek, people don’t have to restrict their income to a single channel or medium. An app like this not only ensures that the app owner can get a commission from any and all services, but also makes sure that an individual service provider registered into the app too can enjoy the benefits of more than one kind of service offering.

To understand this better, let us look at an example. Say, for instance, a taxi driver registers into the Gojek Clone app. He puts in all his information and waits for people to book a cab so that he can make an earning.

However, unfortunately, the day seems slow and not too many people seem to be wanting a ride. The taxi driver can choose to offer his services as a delivery driver as well. So, in case no one is booking taxis but people are interested in buying food, or grocery items, the taxi driver can earn money by offering his services as a delivery driver as well. What’s more, if the app encompasses of other services, those revenue streams remain open for him as well. So, our dear taxi driver can also walk a dog while waiting for his customer and make a quick buck.

An important Factor People hate clutter

No one today likes to download multiple apps today. No one likes to clutter their phones. This is why; you will have found that people continuously remove unwanted and unnecessary apps from their phones, even if they know they might need it at some point in the future.

This is where an app like Gojek becomes important. A single app that will allow users to book, hire and avail over 60 kinds of different services and service providers ensures that your customer doesn’t have to worry about downloading , registering and using 60 or more different kinds of apps.

While there are a few other apps in the market that promote themselves as a single download app, users have complained that there are too many in app downloads and registrations required which discourage the user. This is probably another very significant reason for the popularity of the Gojek app.

Business Pointer The market hasn’t achieved saturation

Of course, any business that becomes popular, runs the risk of saturation. However, one f the primary reasons why Gojek is gaining so much momentum at a global level is the fact that because the sheer range of services that can be availed and offered within the app’s scope is so high that it is practically impossible to achieve saturation in this industry.

Even if there are competitors in this industry, each type of multi service application will have its own set of perks, advantages and offers. This makes it a very lucrative proposition for many entrepreneurs to start off their own business in this direction.

How to start your own multi services business with an app like Gojek?

If you too want to enjoy and tap into the potential of an app like Gojek, the first thing that you must do is look for a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company that has experience of over 6 to 8 years in building such kind of apps and launching them.

Once you find that company, you should take a free demo or trial of the app on road to understand the exact scope and flow of the app. After doing that, you will know completely what to expect from the application and whether or not it is something that you need for your business aspirations.


Gojek is a very big application. It encompasses of multiple kinds of services which allows it to tap into the potential of multiple businesses in the world. If you too wish to set up and establish a similar kind of business, you must buy Gojek clone app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience so that you too can have your own app like Gojek launched under your server credentials.