A fantastic example of this is my knowledge of OSRS gold. I know exactly where the choppable trees, freshwater fishing place, Stiles (the bass banknote exchanger), and Brimhaven gate are in Musa Point. That understanding is burned into my mind. However, if I needed to smith a masterwork platebody, by way of example, I'd have to look for every single necessary component and measure on the wiki because I am just clueless. Trying to behave without any of their knowledge of RuneScape we build upon out of our childhood experiences (normally ) must be nauseating for someone thrown into RuneScape free of concept of the mechanisms or locational awareness.

OSRS player. I began a RS3 Ironman a few months ago and I got the hang out of it. But boywere the first weeks! I get it, even if a match is as old as RuneScape is, one could anticipate that it is packed with content. Problem is, it feels just like RuneScape wants you to learn/do EVERYTHING at the beginning of your account. Having played because 2006, I am quite knowledgeable about the overall gameplay and placing of RuneScape. I was thinking?how on Earth does one complete newcomer manage all this? ".

After bit over a week, I have finished overall soon, and all f2p quests, improved more...relearning everything. While still in the"new participant experience" stage a lot has changed, I turned off the activity tracker and just started doing my own thing and discovered so much better than doing exactly what RuneScape suggests I do. Twitch chat, and that has helped a great deal also. But 99.9percent of fresh players/long hiatus returning gamers aren't likely to have all that. I believe almost every way facets are introduced need to be uninstalled. They do not need to change burthorpe...again. But maybe even something as simple as disabling some features and introducing them over time. Say you do enjoy demon slayer using"legacy" battle, then get skills after.

Therefore it will not throw you in with 20 skills and an introduction to boss mechanisms all at one time. Sure you could argue revolution is on by default, but that does not teach them the abilities or how it all works together. If I needed to get the tools for that, that would be good. Just like the network that is lodestone. But the graduality of things being unlocked definitely has to be adjusted. I don't currently have an answer, possibly after I depart the new player experience I'll.

Thank you for replying! Also, love the movies you have so much, it's always enjoyable for me to watch osrs players providing rs3 a fair try. Your points are fairly solid, idk if I would start players on legacy per se, but personally I feel legacy as a whole needs to be eliminated, it merely adds yet another layer of confusion to RuneScape, and was just introduced to facilitate the pain of skills, before revolution turned into something. It doesnt serve much purpose but that's just me. I am eagar to see how your view and understanding shifts as RuneScape gold buy progresses, but youre definitely right on one point. RuneScape's intro needs work.