Peer pressure is something that most people are facing, and if they don't try and control it, it was force them into doing something that's not right. People tend do things that are beyond their reach so they could just feel among, they want people to respect them, hence they will start living a fake lifestyle. Often times we heard of stories of people borrowing things from people so they could show off and feel among. And most times it doesn't end well for them. When you look at the photo that's above, you will think that the person is holding and iPhone, but a closer look at it, you will discover that it's just an empty case Here are some funny reactions from people Probably he was trying to show off that he was using an iPhone and people that saw the photo noticed it. It's better you stick with what you have, don't go extra miles just to impress people, don't run into debts just to impress people, be True to yourself and people will even respect you the more. From Opera News The views expressed in this article are the writer's, they do not reflect the views of Opera News. Please report any fake news or defamatory statements to [email protected]