Boycotting madden 21? What is the purpose. Madden nfl 21 coins is broken and the developers do not care, so an increasing number of individuals are currently boycotting Madden 21 from the hopes of a much product that was much better down the road. Based on your previous comments, the lack of self consciousness and irony on screen this is baffling. Madden this generation is unimaginative rehashed crap! Just because you are easily entertained doesn't make this any less true. No one gives a fuck about wealthy sheep suckling mega corporations' teet! Enjoy, there is no need to become an ass 13, I mean. I am not a"Madden fanboy" or anything, I do not care about MUT, however I'm in a position to squeeze out a hell of a great deal of pleasure from the new Maddens. Does not mean I'm easily entertained or whatever.

It seems his comment was deleted by him. Thats not my language though. He had been in different subreddits stating people and these things. I told him to chill and he clearly did not. I was just throwing it back at him. Just because you're easily entertained does not make this any less accurate." (Discussing Metro and DMC in that case.) Then in his comment here he explained:"nobody gives a fuck about poor losers boycotting a match". He was being the ass. I'm not bothered if folks like Madden. I play with a lot a FIFA. Whatever makes you happy.

My Two Cents on Madden's Largest Flaw This Year

The desertion of home rules as soon as they then literally axed it and told us it was going to become an every other week event. It had been the most fun game style imo and snag and anyone can participate some rewards. It would have def given us some thing to do for the next two weeks. I would not have played until they left the rewards reasonable for the amount of wins, anyways. Expecting us and about one hundred matches in a two day period to play with with was absurd and never played out of demonstration, when they did have them. It was great last year. 10 wins in a row was possible, although tough. Afterward, they switched it to ten wins which was perfect. Their logic is totally flawed. The community provides comments that is positive, and they kill the app. This firm has gone so far downhill.

They did it to tone. But that shit was fucking dumb. They act like everybody is a YouTuber or no lifer! Not every HR required to be a free NFL100 player. Rather we were stuck with 7hrs worth of matches for two tokens in wtv promo went on. Right? They could have had a HR to get RP and just like every 10 wins gets a 93 or you a token or anything. They might have done a very cool one for Fan App. Idk understand they ditched it. Bro this past year was fire for buy mut coins madden 21. Everybody should have a chance to be aggressive not only money spenders.