They do have a QA team they don't listen to them. One old bosses worked for EA Sports, especially on Madden. He told me that bugs have been written by a lot of the QA testers and delivered them to Madden nfl 21 coins the programmers. On the other hand, the devs tell them it won't be fixed by them or they'll fix it in the next Madden. I feel that they listen but they purposely leave things broken in almost any mode which isn't UT. Those manners will need to be just good enough to pass and to rope players in but they don't want you playing these manners long term. The objective is get you and get you over to playing UT as soon as much as possible. They can't make cash off 31 of an online franchise enjoying the fuck out of your buddies and you.

Right! It is not even merely mode. Madden is possibly the most lazy video game franchise of all time. I stopped buying it in 2016 and I just bought 2020 like a month ago. I swear that there is is not a noticeable margin of difference in the products. Considering that most video games have more spent cloud solutions, how can it be that Franchise mode is like a rejected aspect. They should easily be able to carry your own athlete to year. year I should not need to restart my franchise. I want to play into the future with the rosters I have built.

Produce a team was among my favourite items from the early/mid 00's - I could create better uniforms than that which some of those Nike assaults on eyes have been the last decade but madden hates creativity. Gameplay is not terrible and it's kind of hit a point where it is so good that there isn't much each year, which can be done besides gameplay tweaks. But there can always be habit tweaks to year, additional uniform options, more player celebrations, more participant types (as an Asian lady, I want to create myself the sexy Asian QB of my dreams!) Where's my Asian man representation Madden is really so GD lazy every year and they accumulate our money and laugh at us, take my cash.

Breaking a series of buying Madden

I have bought every madden every year brand new since Madden 2001. This is the very first year, as a result of their negligence of their Franchise mode, where I will not buy a new installment of Madden. It is unfortunate how a amazing sports business has fallen so far downhill simply as a result of greed and their lust for cash.

Totally agree. I've purchased (or my parents bought me when I was younger) each Madden since Madden 64. That came out in 1997. I would not have bought Madden 20 except my friend purchased it if it went on sale and we play with franchise mode together. I wouldn't have bought it, if it wasn't for my joy of cheap Mut 21 coins kicking his ass. Won't be getting Madden 21.