Shadow Bolt is not terribly efficient and generally needs to be used often in cases simply because most elites don't continue long enough for their DOTs to issue. They cannot make their own water. As a healer, I let them proceed and classic wow gold Life Tap as needed, but I let them know that in the midst of combat, my attention is on the tank chiefly and I will not empty my mana to keep his mana pool upward. Outside of battle, they can go nuts as long as I have enough mana to your forthcoming struggles and my soul regen is keeping up.

I find that I often have a need for single items, so I'm thankful people do do this. That having been said, who the hell places a linen cloth about the AH? lol. Folks like to AFK in capitals. This way, they're in a central location and can keep an eye on the LFG channels to find out whether there's any dungeon runs popping up in Puggle that they might be interested in. Hey now! Leave these piggies alone. They are living a fantastic life being a hunter pet instead of someone's meal.

Warriors who won't tank - I'm a warrior. That is literally the 1 thing our class can do a rogue can't, and they've better threat management for dps. WOW Classic hunters possess the worst climbing in WOW Classic, meaning Stat stick is much more useful on literally anybody else. And it is not just a stat stick when a melee dps is using it. Sometimes, that brand new weapon would create the melee participant to modify their whole spec.

On WOW Classic hunters I usually agree but I really do feel there are a few exceptions where things are greatest or most reasonable on WOW Classic hunters versus anybody else. I feel like polearms are practically only useful on WOW Classic hunters for example. On alliance unwanted pretty much nobody other than a hunter should need bone slicing hatchet, which also happens to be one of the realistic BiS options. I'd argue barbarous sword is at a similar situation, though that's soloable. I also can't imagine who could really use warmonger. Some swords and daggers open up, although for horde side because of axes I am unsure what the best hunter choices are there.

Nobody needs bone slicing hatchet. Rogues may need Fang, but most do not. Fury warriors want warblade but there is no guarantee. Hunter weapons are pretty simple to acquire in the current phase. Like it matters that which a hunter has slots 16, Nonetheless, it's not. The actual dps difference between having BiS weapons and using ok weapons to buy wow classic gold get a Hunter is minimal. It vanity than anything.