Coast to Coast Counseling specializes in affordable and professional counseling, therapy and addiction treatment. Coast to Coast Counseling is based in San Diego, California but see patients all over the world. If you are feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, and struggling with sadness, stress or other psychological issues or having relationship problems, we can help you in your difficult times, to build a positive and healthy life. Our approach to therapy is very compassionate, caring, effective, safe and straight forward. We are popular in offering numerous types of therapy such as Individual & Couples therapy, CBT, DBT, Brief therapy, Gottman therapy, Mindfulness, Emotional Support Dog and EFT Therapy in Carlsbad.

To change your situation, we offer Affordable Online Counseling in Encinitas to crisis reactions, mood conditions, behavior issue, relationship troubles, personality problems, and various mental health illnesses. At Coast to Coast Counseling, we work with a number of professional therapists and Couples Counselor in Carlsbad, Encinitas, and all surrounding cities. Dr. Jennifer Semmes, Melanie Goetz, Kristyn Beckstrom and Connie Padera are one of the best our therapists. With decades of working experience in online counseling and therapy business, our therapists are working with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues including anxiety/OCD, depression, loss/grief, self-esteem, aging, behavioral issues, child & adolescent issues, relationship issues, women's issues, and stress.

Everyone can feel alone when they experience some difficult times in their lives. We may feel hopeless, futile, disoriented, or challenged. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Carlsbad can help you improving your behaviors and ways of thinking. If you are trying to find a reliable place where you can share your inner thoughts, your concerns, and your feeling with a professional and friendly psychotherapist, Coast to Coast Counseling is your perfect space where you feel comfortable to share and to discuss difficult issues in your life. If you are looking for Online Video Therapy Sessions in Encinitas, call us at (888) 470-4415 and email us at today.