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Attorney Alejandro (Alex), founder of Gonzalez, P.A.’s, is a professional and highly skilled maritime lawyer that specializes in maritime personal injury law practice with comprehensive experience with Jones Act claims, seaworthiness claims, cruise ship Injury claims, maintenance & cure claims, maritime & personal injury, maritime disability, and other claims particular to your country of residence. For more than a decade, Attorney Alejandro has been advocating for clients in the areas of personal injury & auto accident, maritime accident & injury, cruise ship accident, and property damage claims. He provides the highest quality legal work with a delicacy and professionalism to produce the best results.


If you have been seriously harmed or wrongfully ended, Gonzalez, P.A. has broad experience dealing claims similar like yours. We handle vehicle mishap injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, broken bones injury, spinal cord injury, head injury, fatalities and wrongful death.


At Gonzalez, P.A., our Injured Crew Members Attorney Tamil Nadu and Maritime Lawyer Peru have exclusive experience to recover from NCL injury, Carnival Injury, X Celebrity Cruises Injury, Royal Caribbean Injury, Disney Cruise Line Injury cases. Our team of maritime lawyers has the knowledge, skill, experience, and tools to win all types of maritime accident cases. We are proud of our work on seaward/abroad injury cases and our first priority is to successfully representing people who are injured in maritime injuries and accidents.


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