The defense generally outside of that is underpowered although I am perfectly fine with all the usering becoming realistic. Safeties and corners take too long to respond in zone. Except for ones I got fumbles or sacked, I scored. I agree the zone logic was bad, cpu defenders could be out of Mut 21 coins place and sometimes they don't react, so there's definitely some bugs not recognizing the ball is in the place, but crime sometimes didn't react either. Im not gonna lie the beta wasn't enjoyable for me personally.

I played a couple of hours of H2H and has been always getting screwed by A gappers from cover 0 nickel collection. Blocking the RB, slipping the line, ID that the Mike, Double teams did nothing. Do not even have enough time to throw slants or flat routes. It was refreshing to play the beta and a crime could actually run since all my paths weren't cutting off. I ran against individuals who still tried to play like it is 20 with sending 8 or 7 and seeking to user a safety, not only did I readily flashlight his mission was picked by that although my RB. I only had a couple bug gripes but nothing severe. Can't wait for the fall tho.

Honestly from my potential is it as polished as other madden beta. If you've ever participated in a beta before or not 13, idk. Otherwise, I would say Madden 21. My judgment is: departure: the realistic and most fluid I have seen in years. There a couple of hangs where the WR will let the ball hit them in the head but that'll be patched. Precision passing seems fine tuned because the speed of the ball now affects like shouts, and you can hit NFL against windows, and the user LB is severely nerfed. Best of all they tuned WR drops. They kept on to balls a good deal more often, only time that I fell them was when I got crushed as soon as the pass was caught by me.

Run: barring an AMAZING o-line, zone spamming that is inside is lowkey dead. You may only receive a yards. DL is responsive for this and discard. Not many times did I have to come up and fill the gap. Strechs are realistic, superior runners can pick up yardage however you've got to use the ability stick to do so, no more simply running round the border, you have to work for it. Read options could be the new meta tbh, however, your success depends upon you mastering the ability stick. The ability stick is amazing imo. My runners were very receptive to it and are nasty. Open area is were the art gap that is true is gont show. As it up to you breaking down and guessing to find the tackle. CPUs on the other hand, ankles were turned off a good combo into dust.The question is: Why does mut have to cost money, such as whatsoever? It should be another game mode in the event that you want to to grind out. $60 with this hot garbage as a buy price is ridiculous as it stands, using in match buys beyond this (that is not purely cosmetics, we're a-ok with cosmetic micro transactions) is criminal. People want to compete online and they are willing to pay to do so if it will help them win. The average market value for one of the FUT teams in some competitions were valued at around $27,000. Some of them are professional gamers and you also tubers or celebrities or anything. All I am saying is if you have someone ready to spend $600 on ultimate staff packs, if-so facto that basically means they can let 10 franchise just suckers walk off and why would they bat a watch?

This isn't emphasized enough, you could fucking golf this has to end. Madden 21 is shilled. There are legends about the value of particular things in certain matches, anything you might locate a ship worth 10k in real life money or for example eve online. The thing is that is not a door like madden is, as soon as you buy it, it's yours for as long as you would like it to be. Madden varies next to buy mut coins madden 21 nothing from year to year and people think there's value in dropping cash that is serious. This has to be criminal money laundering strategy.