Yeah, unfortunately not what about EverQuest WOW Classic was really that great, so I enjoy the contemporary TLP version much more than than the community lead personal approaches. And that is entirely honest. I actually enjoy the hybrid vehicle changes. I even wish they gate some of wow classic gold their level spells by growth, particularly since some WOW Classic spells got transferred in level. The zone maps being modern only hurts and contributes to content missing. Either way though, the community is just as selfish (generalization, there's good people both places) on the retail tlp as it is on p99 along with the economy becomes busted pretty quick. The latter just appears to be an inherent problem with EQ though and to be honest, black lotus says hi.

Where they are already 2 + years behind why would any new or returning player join an MMO? Doing expansions like garauntees that the playerbase will always return over time.It doesn't take 2 years to catch up however. If you hit 60 per month after launching of Naxx and then joined a guild, you'd acquire gear at a faster rate compared to WOW players who had been playing the entire time (who directed up slowly). You could accompany that guild on their MC, BWL, AQ runs. A guild in Naxx would continue to run these since there are reasons to conduct these raids built into WOW Classic design.

You may not get the rare things that they are still trying to get (like binding or eye) but they may let you scoop up loot. I joined a psever hit 60 and guild a couple of months before AQ and I geared up. Those went to WOW players who had been there longer who still needed them (and rightfully so) but I managed to get decent items that no one needed. Additionally, there are"catch-up" raids. That is what ZG is. It gives sidegrades to BWL to help guilds. Standing, craftable equipment, sidegrade things.

TIFU by logging in if I did. I had my first raid as a recruit with a guild yesterday. As a trial show em I supposed and I wanted to impress these guys business. So I went over to the auction house and bought a myriad of different concoctions and magical cocktails, as well as two or three stacks of runn tum tubers. I also browsed the plate and pressed on buyout onto a FLASK OF SUPREME POWER. Yikes! Having spent half my money, I figured there is no reason to half-ass that, so I jumped onto a wyvern and blasted away towards Feralas cuz that a dude was sellin' cheap rid DM tribute ID.

So I was that. Having said hi to Gelihast along with his slimy buddies and being granted the boon of Blackfathom I ported tf back into O-town. Doras, being tired of my shit allow me to borrow the reins of another wyvern and I made my way. There relogged to smell a flower that is specific. Ported back to OG and immediately logged out.

Boom! Got back in just in time for Overlord Runthak to scream at me. Something about heroes and a dragon. Immediately followed by the warchief blabbering about bearing witness to power and bathing. Alright! Never before had I been so blessed! I had Warchief's Blessing, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Songflower Serenade, Mol'Dar's Moxie, Slip'kik's Savvy, Blessing of Blackfathom, and Fengus' Ferocity only for buy classic wow gold good measure. In my bag I had the flask setting there. Now all I needed to do was wait. Logout.