Personally, I have no issues playing other games in casual manners with gamers that are worse than me, and OSRS gold likewise in RS - if we are just doing some casual conducts, or even better, if I am teaching, I do not care whatsoever about kill times. But if I'm trying to set a new record, or earn a bunch of cash, yeah I'm going to be strict on who I perform with. Without doubt, there's a difference between"elitists" and"poisonous elitists", and some folks certainly cross the line, but there's literally no reason that I can't refuse to pvm with someone.

On the topic of hp caps, or more broadly time gates - I hate it. How many people complain about stage 2 or 4 at vorago? What about bottom path (pre-update) in araxxor? Since they feel anti-skill, HP caps and other time gating mechanisms are un-fun. Stalls, reflects vorago, or like the pillars at lith, feel better.

When making an argument for the Removal of something there should be a reason. It shouldn't be abandoned for interpretation. It achieves the objective of adding content that is new, as I explained, create a new place. Why it must be wilderness because it does not look to that participant's playstyle currently I don't see. As for ideas, I'd love to see more discussion around them. Personally I am against the death cost model (I won't explain why here).

Personally, I'd really like to find the wilderness become secure PvP but items obtained in the wilderness are dropped, then from there expand the idea of Wilderness Warbands with specific"base camps" in the wilderness. These areas can be taken over by you and shield them, and by doing this, advantages are provided. Other players are invited to siege them. This is not my whole suggestion but I have been attempting to form one to indicate. Asking for PvP to be eliminated is no different than requesting dead content to be removed....because it's exactly that. We've got a portion of RuneScape's landmass going to waste as it is a PvP zone.

If PvP were eliminated out there, it'd free up a massive part of property to relocate material and declutter other regions of RuneScape. It would be no different compared to the snobby Jagex did when they removed Mobilising Armies. They've attempted"fixing" the Wilderness at the past, by incentivizing gameplay with exclusive training methods that yield quicker encounter. However, the end result is that PvPers turned to griefers who prey to individuals who take the gamble to train there. Of course, that"fix" has been piss-poor, but nobody who would like to"rescue" the Wilderness has come up with a viable strategy to buy RuneScape gold create PvP (other than, of course, more tacky incentives that promote griefing).