let's go there's no with ten reps same thing back ah it's like wait what four five six seven eight nine let's go straight to it let's go baby Oh formerly killing you yeah there you go come on sweet right here eight all right hey my more plan work come on let's go let's go let's go three and the grapes going out to the ground as we go up so come back here we go down together wrap so go down pump up throw it here load up Oh Oh why that's each other this way always bigger yeah Hey Oh Oh a hard way hardens so we do three rounds just like that it's gonna really work on your abdominals like I said this is only a ten pound ball it's kind of heavy so you guys man there's like five six on ball start lighter then work your way up either try doing it with no way if you can't use the ball yeah that man if that tip that Pitts was giving me and I used to sit all the way up with the ball so he was huh me throw it on the way up behind your head man I used to think this was way easier house way harder I could hardly get 15 reps all right guys that's a wrap


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