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  Polyester fleece fabrics

  Household textiles must be an indispensable part of everyone's family. The usage rate of this category of textiles is very high. People may be most familiar with the four-piece bedding set. In fact, there are curtains, sofas, tapestries, carpets, etc. which are very home textiles.

  knitted fleece fabric

  In addition to the basic functions of covering, stepping on pads, etc., this type of textile is more of a decorative function. There are a lot of good-looking home textiles on the market, and the variety of patterns and shapes are eye-catching. But only after carefully understanding the types and fabrics of home textiles, can you buy beautiful and practical home textiles.


  Double fleece Fabrics Wholesale

  According to their processing methods, they can be divided into these four categories, woven decorative textiles, knitted decorative textiles, woven decorative textiles, and nonwoven decorative textiles. These processing methods can be seen from the name of some of its weaving methods. For example, the woven category is home textile products produced by ordinary looms or special looms, and the preparation category is home textile products prepared by manual methods.


  Polyester Double Fleece Fabrics Factory

  Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate buildings and structures; decorative textiles whose main objects are to decorate building walls; decorative textiles whose main objects are to decorate interior doors, windows and spaces; to decorate various furniture Decorative textiles that are the main objects; decorative textiles that are the main objects of decorative beds; decorative textiles that are used to decorate catering, toilet environments, and meet the needs of toilet hygiene.

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