Yeah, dating a village girl is like waisting ur time on unserious relationship, why?

Rural parents are sometimes takes everything in life so exchauexh,in the stage that even a new Born baby they have, they will take it so imagine.

When the little new born baby grown up,the t have to hide everything thing from her so that she might not even see her sheet that comes out from her laug talkless of the parents own.

So just take a lesson.

If a girl u are dating and u even believe that u can't stay without her were brought up in this sence?

Gest, did u believe that you will enjoy her?


It's since from her chirld hood, her parent has broke her thinking faxufac with village experience, so when you get into relationship with her, u won't enjoy!!! 

The leatl thing like sex will not be offer to u.

So just tell me how u will manage a relationship that's spikable, not going to work now and nor future.

For u to date 15yrs old urban girl is quite better than !!!