There are two main functions of the exhaust groove of the Air Cooler Mould: one is to exhaust the air in the mould cavity when injecting molten materials; The second is to eliminate all kinds of gases produced in the heating process. The thinner the product is, the farther away from the gate, and the opening of the exhaust groove is particularly important. In addition, for small parts or precision parts, we should also pay attention to the opening of exhaust grooves, because it can not only avoid surface burns and insufficient injection quantity, but also eliminate various defects of products and reduce mould pollution. Then, how can the exhaust of the mould cavity be considered sufficient? Generally speaking, if the melt is injected at the highest injection rate, but no focal spot is left on the product, it can be considered that the exhaust in the mould cavity is sufficient.

For air cooler mould with complex geometric shapes, it is best to determine the opening of exhaust slots after several mould tests. However, the biggest disadvantage of the whole structure in the mould structure design is the poor exhaust. For the whole cavity core, there are several exhaust methods:

(1) Using the groove of the cavity or the mounting part of the insert;

(2) Using the side insert joint;

(3) Local spiral shape;

(4) Installing a slotted lath core at a longitudinal position and opening a process hole;

(5) When the exhaust is extremely difficult, the mosaic structure is adopted; If the dead angle of some moulds is not easy to open the exhaust groove, first of all, the mould should be appropriately changed into mosaic processing without affecting the appearance and precision of the products, which is not only beneficial to processing the exhaust groove, but also can sometimes improve the original processing difficulty and facilitate maintenance.

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