Although it seems impossible to release POE 2 on time, the Harvest League, which appeared just a while ago, comforts the injured hearts of players. Many players who just entered the new league fell in love with it after a quick experience and spent a lot of actual money to get many POE Currency .

The POE game team originally planned to release the first expansion plan in September and the second expansion at the end of the year. However, because of the influence of COVID-19, the development work of many game companies has forced to stop. It means that players who have been expecting POE 2 beta would feel disappointed.

The developers of the game team explained to players on the official forum why the POE 2 beta delayed. They spent too much energy and time to develop Harvest League and resulted in neglecting the development work of POE 2. And according to the law that POE updated every three months, they must release Harvest. After comparing the two, the release of POE 2 is not as important as Harvest. Now the problem facing the game team is that they have little time left to develop POE 2. So they are also trying their best to provide players with the most sincere POE 2 beta.

They assure players that they will do their best to release the beta version of POE 2 before the end of the year. Players must also be patient with their work. After all, the content they have been pushing for players is full of sincerity. Every POE player loves the performance of the development team and looks forward to their release of more innovative RPG updates next year. Players can start to prepare to Buy POE Currency for future challenges.