We live in the ever-changing world of technology. New innovations and new approaches to existing products and services keep emerging every single day. Those who do not adapt to this change, become irrelevant.


One of the greatest technological breakthroughs of recent times is the big switch towards the data-driven approach. YouTube, as a popular digital platform is not untouched from the world of data and analytics. In fact, analytics has become an integral part of success on YouTube. Whether you get free YouTube views on your videos or grow your reach organically, analytics can help you sharpen your strategy in a major way. 


However, many budding YouTubers do not have enough awareness and technical know-how to be able to understand and use analytics on YouTube. In this article, we share with you the key tips that will help you make the best of Youtube analytics. But first, let us tell you about the significance of analytics on YouTube and why it is so important. 


Why is YouTube Analytics so important?

YouTube, as a platform, has grown many-fold over the period of time, Today, it is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, with billions of users worldwide. No doubt, the platform has seen a corresponding boom in the number od content generators or ‘Youtubers’ as they are popularly called as.


What is all of this growth and diversification indicate at? Itis generating millions and millions of data points every minute. The significance of Youtube analytics lies in using this data which is being generated to grow on the platform. 


  • How many youtube users are viewing your videos?
  • How much time do they spend on each of the videos?
  • What are the total watch hours?
  • What are the demographic features (age group, gender, nationality, etc.) of your audiences? 


Youtube analytics helps you find the answers to all these questions and more. 


Say, for example, you get free YouTube views on your videos from a third party service. You can use YouTube analytics to gauge the effectiveness of the endeavor and the engagement generated after you get free YouTube views.  


Using YouTube Analytics - Few Tips

  • YouTube has put in place a dedicated content creator’s platform by the name of YouTube Studio, where you can access detailed data and analytics connected to your channel.
  • You can signup on the YouTube Studio with your existing Google credentials
  • Once signed up, you can access detailed reports for different parameters like reach, engagement, audience, revenue, and more from the menu.
  • You can make custom selections to generate the reports for a given period of time and draw the required insights from them. 
  • Moreover, you can generate graphic representations for quick analysis and comparison, and also export your data for storage and sharing. 



YouTube analytics is a very helpful platform to draw useful insights about your YouTube channel and its performance. You can use it before and after you get free youtube views, and in fact decided where to get free youtube views from, based on the data generated by YouTube Studio. It’s easy, quick, and highly beneficial. 

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