Trim Fast Keto ] we do have a couple of people who are having technical issues no audio or it's cutting out if you are at before e to drink water and get to a point where you're okay and ten fifteen minutes later he never complained of being hungry again and we were in the car for three more hours so I think it's just having you just you don't speak to the point of you still eat it all your favorite restaurants you still eat the things that you like so maybe before you go to the next step just yeah or maybe that leads into something else I don't know what so if you have any questions the next tip is avoiding trigger foods okay and this is I just made this up on my own as I was going through this journey I decided to pick one thing that I love to eat so so so much that I literally could eat three meals a day and for the rest of my life and I decided to cut that one thing out that is it I'm not cutting out all sugar I'm not cutting out all flour not cutting out dairy I'm not cutting out meat if you guys are like agreeing with what she's saying that resonates