All the data collected for testing of Covid-19 was tested and almost all were positive. Various data points are collected during case interviews. It was found that not all suspected cases are tested. So, the data that came can’t represent the total number of people in Minnesota. As per the current data of death, eleven more died according to the Minnesota Department of Health which took the total number of deaths to 1,197.

Recent declaration about the deaths due to COVID-19

  • Out of the eleven deaths that took place, two were in their 90’s while three of them were in their 80’s and one in the ’70s. The remaining four were in their 60s and only one was in his 20s. 
  •  Among the dead peoples, 6 of them were residents of long-term care. 
  • The most essential fact about these deaths was that the one who was in his twenties didn’t have any underlying health conditions. It was also true for the person who was in his twenties and died on Saturday.
  • This toll for deaths only includes those people who were tested positive in the COVID-19 tests performed by Minnesotan health department.
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