Misunderstanding and Understanding School and Education and Best Way to Be Educated.

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coming of the jury today on trial we have modern day school glad you could come by not only does he made fish climb trees but also mix them
five down they do without would tell me school or you proud of the things you've done turning millions of people into robots to you find that fun
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it with me here's a card from today and here's a card from
[UM] fifty years ago a big difference like would get this here's a classroom of today [COUGH] here's a class we use one hundred and fifty years
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and what we need people who the creative innovatively chronically independently good thing ability to come back you see every scientists will tell you that no two brains are the same and every parent would all more children walk and far and that claimed so please explain why do they treat students like good you could fraser it's not back hats even then once i speech so craft want your eyes are your honor but if i dance and the exact same medicine take on the first place is the resource will be tragic so many people would get sick yet when it comes the school this is exactly what happens this education about practice what one teacher stand in front of what it is to one having a different strength different these different gives different dreams and you take the same brain at the same way that's horrific ladies and gentlemen the definition not be equated this may be one of the world's criminal offenses ever to become meeting in this mission the waited richer i'm going to take one of the room
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no wonder so many students were short range history and teachers should are just
as much as doctors because that doctors we can do lots or jer we have saved the have
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