NHL 20 has received a new update, but do not expect much of it - it was a very small one. Patch notes for Patch 1.5.1 officially only one long sentence, add a new feature to hockey game.The 8 Mar updates to NHL 20 adds the content of the new tournament announced Esports, 2020 NHL Gaming World Championship, for the Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

Some people on Twitter baked EA Sports for this, including the popular NHL Nasher streamer. He joked that this update is so large and bulky that bring back the highly requested features such as GM Connected mode and story mode for the Be A Pro. But this is just trolling. He joked that this feature may be added in NHL 27.

2020 NHL Gaming World Championship is a global tournament to determine who is the best in NHL 20. Playing in the online Open Play from 11 March to 5 April on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The top player for each console and the region will advance to online play- in the bracket, which has adopted the format of best-of-three, to earn a trip to the regional finals and the World final. In addition, our site z2u.com has a large quantity of safe NHL 20 Coins For Sale.

In many ways, NHL 20 has been flying under the radar with sports video game enthusiasts. However, the version of Xbox One game receives an impressive 85 Metacritic score. -Review aggregate score obviously come through when the game was originally released.

Since its release, a good number of the update improves the experience, and additional content for the World CHEL has fleshed online and offline experience. If you do not pull the trigger on NHL 20, and you have an appetite for sports games, it is sold on Amazon for $ 38, and at Walmart for the same cost.