There are many precise and complicated mould in the Air Cooler Mould processed by heat treatment, so it is necessary for the processor to have the correct method. The following air cooler mould manufacturer will introduce.

1. Reasonable material selection. For air cooler mould with complex density, fine quality micro-deformation abrasive steel shall be selected, abrasive steel with severe carbide segregation shall be subjected to forging and tempering heat treatment, and abrasive steel with larger or unforgeable size shall be subjected to solid solution double refining heat treatment.

2. The design of the air cooler mould should be reasonable and symmetrical in shape. The large mould should have a good grasp of the deformation rule and reserve machining allowance. Large and precise complex moulds can adopt a combined structure.

3. Air cooler mould shall be heat treated in advance.

4. Reasonable selection of heating temperature and control temperature can reduce heat treatment deformation of air cooler mould by slow heating, preheating and other balanced heating methods.

5. If conditions permit, vacuum heating quenching and cryogenic treatment after quenching shall be adopted as far as possible.

In addition, correct operation of the heat treatment process and reasonable tempering heat treatment process are also effective measures to reduce deformation of precision and complicated moulds.

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