COVID-19 has caused every game company to suffer a certain loss. It still disrupted their work plan, although GGG in New Zealand was less affected. Now the government does not allow everyone to resume work and they have to work from home. Path of Exile’s expansion plan will continue as planned. Yesterday GGG announced to players the Harvest expansion in Path of Exile 3.11. It makes players feel very curious and very willing to spend POE Currency to experience.

Players believe that Harvest will be one of the most powerful expansions in POE history. A new NPC named Oshabi will appear in Harvest. It believes that the power of land can be harnessed. It needs to draw strength from the sacred jungle that was discovered. But it needs help from players to goal achieved.

Players will encounter the roots of magic in Harvest. These roots will produce a little strange seed when marking. The sacred grove is a wonderful place to plant these plantations. Players can also use more seed caches to collect seeds and mark the seed cache can also speed up the growth of seeds. The role of these seeds is to produce wild monsters when they mature. Players can create new POE Items by defeating these monsters and collecting their vitality. The simplest game is like this.

Now GGG's most creative idea for Harvest is that players can make a reasonable layout in the expansion. For example, the activation of level 2 seeds can only be completed if the level 1 seeds are planted correctly. Players need to build a complete system to connect pipes and condensers to their garden. After being properly trained, players who defeat monsters generated by level 2 seeds are likely to obtain level 3 seeds.

Players are very interested in Harvest expansion. There must be many places to spend Path of Exile Currency or POE Orbs in the extension. Players need to reserve more POE Items. It is best to Buy POE Currency early while many agents are discounting sales. The wonderful and interesting Harvest expansion looks forward to the players joining.