POE manufacturer GGG has already prepared for this to ensure that players can still have fun in the game. But the phenomenon behind this is the dilemma that the game team is working hard to develop and break away from the creative team day and night. Originally players were very much looking forward to the launch of the new season of POE in June. According to reliable news, players may complete better tasks in the new season's POE to get more POE Currency.

General expansions and patches in the game are still going according to original plan. However, GGG has to shift the center of gravity to the most important POE, so the development speed of games like Risk of Rain 2 will be limited.

The developers of the game team have tentatively released the expansion of the game on the 24th of next month to calm down some players who complain about it. But at present, players may not be sure whether they can complete the original plan before this time. In short, players hope that the game team can release high-quality content that will satisfy them.

In fact, the advent of COVID-19 may make the development of POE better. Because many people had to isolate at home and it helped the growth of POE players. This is where game services such as Steam and video streaming platform Twitch originated. Under the current influence, the game team found that the number of online games on many platforms has broken the record thanks to the people who are idle at home to join the game.

Developers view these current problems of Path of Exile as challenges with optimism. They assure POE's loyal fans that they will continue to launch the same high-quality challenge content as before. Since the number of players is growing so fast, their demand for POE Orbs and Path of Exile Currency and POE Items will definitely be greater. Many newly joined friends do not know what method to use to Buy POE Currency to save the most money. They can find answers from the most reliable agents. POE is waiting for more curious people to join!