Love dolls can be a piece of decoration for your living room, yes their flawless skin and lifelike persona will surely make them a center of attraction for your friends. Many fashion photographers use them as models while artists also use them as a part of their illustrations. However, when you are done with your friends, you can take in the doll to your bedroom to fulfill the purpose of its existence.

The love dolls were first used by French sailors during the long voyages. They were made of cotton cloth are were the predecessor of the modern best sex dolls. Thanks to the advancement in chemical engineering, advance doll materials are being used that mimic human skin both in feel and warmth.

Popular polymers silicone and platinum TPE material are best known for their hypoallergenic qualities as well as their near human -skin like texture are invariably used to create realistic sex dolls that look like artificial women powerful enough to intrigue any manhood to seek pleasure.

Here are the reasons for the popularity of sex dolls

Lifelike features
The word "lifelike" is rightly used to describe the booties of these life size dolls. The breast is often the most bodily delight for every man and you can choose from the tight tits to massive jiggly boobs for your doll. Even midget sex dolls have soft and inviting ones which can also become your stress buster for people who have a fantasy for breast sex. The well planned curves of their butts are no less than a sexcapades for ones who choose lust over love.

Real life encounter
The most realistic sex dolls have textured internal organs for heightened pleasure – like virgin vagina or veiny penis. The vagina has a light suction mechanism and wont't loosen after long hours of love, and the penis would stand firm and tall. Apart from that the body is soft and plump with no hard spots. Each of these bbw sex dolls are made to invent maximum pleasure for their esteemed owners.

AI features
The AI heat technology makes the doll warm to the human body temperature so that there is no cold vagina to dive in. The touch sound technology lets the doll make moaning sound as you feel her booties or enter the tunnels just like how real woman react in pleasure.

Both female and shemale sex dolls are available through online doll stores and love doll brothels are trending as well. The most enchanting feature is their hyper-realistic lifelike skin and supple body. It makes you feel as if you are making love to a real man or a woman sans relationship problems.