The structure of the Chair Mould and the mould processing process will affect the quality of plastic parts. Sometimes, the chair mould will break down in production, so how do we eliminate it?

1. Damage of guide pillar.

(1) when the wall thickness of the plastic parts is not uniform, the flow rate through the thick wall is high, which produces a greater pressure;

(2) The side of the plastic part is asymmetrical, such as the mould with stepped parting surface, and the opposite two side faces are not subjected to equal back pressure.

2. Moving and fixed die offset.

3. The moving template is bent.

4. The mandril bends, breaks or leaks.

5. The gate is difficult to take off.

6. Poor cooling or water channel leakage.

7. The distance tightening mechanism fails.

Because some chair moulds are limited by the area of the mould plate, the length of the guide groove is too small, and the slide block is exposed outside the guide groove after the core pulling action is completed, so that the slide block is easy to tilt at the post core pulling stage and the initial stage of mould closing reset, especially during mould closing, the slide block is not reset smoothly, causing damage to the slide block and even bending damage. According to experience, after the slider completes the core pulling action, the length left in the chute should not be less than 2/3 of the total length of the chute. When designing and manufacturing the mould, the mould should not only meet the requirements of the product, but also be the most simple and reliable in the mould structure, easy to process and low in cost according to the requirements of the quality of the plastic parts, the size of the batch, the requirements of the manufacturing period and other specific conditions.

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