There is one handle on the first opening sash which controls tilting and turning operation.tilt and turn windows have been around for decades across Europe.The Tilt Turn window is essentially 3 window types in one: fixed window, in-swing window, and hopper window.

  Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully like a casement window or they can be tilted from the bottom so that the top of the window is angled into the room, giving a smaller opening for ventilation.Turning the handle 90 degrees allows the window to swing inward. With the handle in the 180 degree position or upward, the window is then able to tilt open.

  The sliding lock we will always have on the master’s bus and our craftsmen will be able to install them for you as soon as possible.This is why they are often called universal sliding lock.Cranked sliding lock come in left and right hand variations.Often the fault that the sliding lock does not work properly is exactly the sliding lock, that are broken or split.

  We also stock a wide range of other brands of sliding lock. Sliding lock are broadly divided into two categories for standard sliding lock.Which gets micro-cracks fairly quickly, which will soon grind and thus break at the end.Fitted to the sash of a sliding lock, it has a nose which engages with a striker wedge located on the frame to effectively secure the sliding lock.