rapid fast keto boost you go meet people you know in a hospital and yeah about it let me give you any room tour I'll just kind you and you really are I can't but he said like famous big deal like whatever and I was like well I didn't say I was famous but maybe I did like that and that was really nice so I've seen him again they took me off my IV because I'm already taking fluids that's a really important one half a protein shake and four glasses of water or squash now so I'm doing really well all my blood pressure all my temperature like all of that is perfect they actually just said that I could have gone home today and I was like mm-hmm like I want to get my money's worth this has cost me a lot of money staying in hospital I'm watching how can I get in the shot I'm watching the TV that has sky because we don't have a TV licence at home and we obviously don't have sky yeah so like I said it's about mmm 10:00 to 10:00 now so I am going to go to the toilet again and just to finish the drink that I'm currently on set up everything I'll show you in a moment set